Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Carp ~ N ~ Carey

The CARP-N-CAREY is a style of tying rather then a specific pattern; by simply varying the color of the variegated chenille, Pheasant Rump Hackle and dubbing, you can come up with all sorts of variations.
The CARP-N-CAREY is based off of the classic Northwest Lake pattern,the CAREY SPECIAL. I've fished the Carey Special for years in lakes for Trout and found it easily translated to an effective Bass & Bluegill pattern.

I tried the standard Carey on carp and while it would get action, something seemed amiss. I begin alter my "Careys for Carp" by adding small Black Bead Chain eyes and this helped. Next was adding a Pheasant Rump Feather fibers for the tail (I normally tye my Trout/Bass/Bluegill Careys without a tail). This worked as well. Finally I switched to using Variegated Chenille and adding a head of Antron dubbing. These changes seemed to make the Carey a lot more appealing to Carp and by making a few color variations I found i could cover my needs well.

The two dressings I use often are as follows.

Light Carp -N-Carey

HOOK :  Daiichi 1270 or TMC 200r, sizes #6 - #10
THREAD : 140 Ultra, Yellow Olive.
EYES : Small or Extra Small Black Bead Chain, tyed under the hook shank.
TAIL : Yellow dyed Ringneck Pheasant Rump hackle fibers, shank length and not too heavy.
BODY : Yellow / Light Olive Variegated Chenille
HACKLE : Yellow dyed Ringneck Pheasant Rump Hackle, 2 to 3 wraps.
HEAD : Little Olive Antron dubbing, wrapped thinly around Bead Chain eyes.

The Dark Carp-N-Carey uses the same hooks and Bead Chain eyes, but has the following changes in color of materials used :

Dark Carp-N-Carey

THREAD : 140 Ultra, Rusty Brown
TAIL : Brown dyed Ringneck Rump feather fibers
BODY : Rust & Olive Variegated Chenille
HACKLE : Brown dyed Ringneck Rump feather, 2 to 3 wraps
HEAD : Rusty Brown Antron dubbing.

Other then the Bead Chain Eyes, I do not weight these, the eyes provide some jigging action on the retrieve (use a Non Slip Loop knot!).
Interestingly enough, besides being effective for Carp, as I had intended, the Carp-N-Carey also works for Bass and Bluegill... a Friend of mine as been fishing them in lakes for Trout as well... the Carey comes full circle I guess.

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