Sunday, September 1, 2013

Super Streaker

Leech patterns have been a staple of Lake Fishing for Trout for as long as I can recall. Seems even thought leeches are vile in our eyes, Trout (and other species) realize that a leech is a Super meal and well worth consuming.
The Super Streaker is one of the largest Leech patterns I have ever carried with me & certainly effective as well. I first learned of the Super Streaker from Stewart & Allen's "Flies for Trout"The Pattern was credited to John Shewey.  Shewey regaled how effective the pattern was and how it accounted for many sizable Trout from back country lakes. That was it for me, I knew I should be carrying a few in my Alpine Flybox.  What was was also nice about the pattern was it is fairly simple to tye.
 The Dressing is easy as it only requires a few common materials, their application being very simple for most tyers.
Here's the Dressing :

  Tiemco 300 , (or any 5xl /6xl Streamer hook), sizes #4 thru #12
THREAD : 140 Ultra Thread , color to match Marabou color (or any 6/0 thread)
TAIL : a Full Marabou Plume, tyed in Flat on top of the hook, length should match hook shank length.
BODY : a few Marabou fibers, tyed in by the tips & wrapped  between the tye in points for the Wings.
1st. WING : Marabou plume, tyed in 1/4 of the way from the bend to the hook eye, tyed Flat like the tail.
2nd WING : Tyed in at the half way point on the hook shank, same as the first wing.
3rd WING ;  Tyed in at the 3/4 point from bend to hook eye, same as the previous wings.
4th WING : tye in some strands of Krystal Flash, color to match the Marabou, about 6 strands . then another Wing of Marabou, tyed in flat like the other wings.
NOTE : remember between each wing tye in point, wrap Marabou fibers over the thread for the body.
HEAD : Build up a slight taper towards hook eye, then coated with a glossy head cement
COLORS : Black, Olive, Red, Rusty Brown, Burnt Orange, Olive Brown, Purple..

The resulting fly is bushy, fluffy and big. a size 6 hook results in a leech pattern at 3 inches in length.
Note that there is No Weight added to this fly, other then the weight of the Hook.
 there's a Reason for this.
The Super Streaker is to be fished on a Full Sink line , never on a Floating line. the fly actually hovers in the water due to the marabou plumes being tyed flat on top of the hook shank , the fibers spreading out both sides. the sinking line will sink deeper then the fly, when you strip the line the fly will dart forward and slightly dive, but will not sink straight to the bottom. it flutters along in the water column, getting any nearby Trout's attention..
Use a leader of not longer then 5 feet and of 8 lb. breaking strength(minimum). always use the Non slip loop knot to secure the Super Streaker to your leader. and remember to get the fly wet before casting it, otherwise it will turn into a sail and it will float like a drowned rat.. 

You can even fish the Super Streaker in Rivers on a Streamer express type line, short strips to pump the marabou fibers will get great results..
but mostly i fish this in lakes, because It works......

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