Friday, August 2, 2013

Deerhair Deceiver

Lefty's Deceiver is without a doubt one of the all time effective Saltwater fly patterns available.. it is over 50 years old, but is still highly effective.I love tying and fishing the Deceiver in various color schemes, and can count on it to get me into fish.
 a successful variation that i have been tying and fishing for over 20 years is the Deerhair Deceiver. This variation is nothing more then a standard Deceiver with a collar and small head of spun Deerhair. the resulting pattern has bulk and tends to not sink as fast as a standard Deceiver does.
In the Springtime along the Southern California Coast, the various Surfperch species come into the surf zone to give live birth to their babies. the Large females deliver their Babies, which look like mini versions of the adults in the relative safety of the surf environment . However.. Halibut, Leopard sharks and various other predator species are aware of the birthing season and they come into the surf zone to feed on the babies.. Your odds of hooking your largest Halibut are very good during this season. the Deerhair Deceiver is a useful pattern at this time in sizes #1/0 thru #4.

The Dressing is as follows:

HOOK : Standard Saltwater, sizes #2/0 thru #6
THREAD :  140 White Ultra thread
TAIL : 4 or 6 White Saddle Hackles, equal to 2 - 2 1/2 times hook shank length. add a few strands of Pearl Flashabou along each side.
BODY : Silver or Pearl Sparkle Braid , stop 3 eye lengths behind hook eye.
COLLAR : White Deer Belly hair, stacked and measured to shank length, spun or flared to completely veil body and front part of tail.
HEAD :  the butt ends of the collared flaired back, with one additional bundle of Deer belly hair flared in front of collar. trim the head down to similar shape as shown in the Photos.
EYES : 3D eyes, red or color of choice, glued in place with Zap Gel CA glue.

This is the basic style, I've often added Chartreuse Grizzly Saddle hackles along the side of the white saddle hackles.
This pattern works well because it hoovers in the water and will gently dive on a strip retrieve.. Halibut go for the Deerhair Deceiver when they refuse a Clouser.
Do not think the Deerhair Deceiver is only effective in the Surfzone, it will produce anywhere a standard Deceiver will and often enough proves more effective...

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